Welcome! I'm glad you're here.

You might want to know some stats on me - when I was born and stuff.  If it tickles your interest, click here for stats .

My Daddy says I'm as beautiful as a Texas bluebonnet - and, whatever Daddy says is true. 


Daddy's posted more pictures of me on January 23, 2002 - take a look at  how I've grown!!

(Hee hee hee...)

Here are some pictures for you to take a look at

Eat and Sleep ... Summer 2002
Riley's First Boy-Friend Feb 2002 Let's Make Pancakes Feb 2002
Mommy-Moo, The Ice Cream Cow Feb 2002 My New Table and Chair Feb 2002
Pretty Girl Feb 2002
Dallas Arboretum 2001 Beauty Rest
Big Girl on a Slide Crashing on a Pillow
Messy Marvin  Close-Ups Mmmm Hmmmm mmmm
Big Girl Brushes Teeth Bathing Beauty
Daddy's Balcony Another Viewing of The Little Mermaid
Mad Scientist A Visit To The Dallas Aquarium
Pretty In Pony Tails Playing In Daddy's Park
Fun With Friends

Here I am with my favorite drink - juice!  My Mama dresses me up in lots of pretty clothes.

My favorite clothes to wear are hats.

Oh, and I forgot to say - I've been growing into a big girl fast - this is what I looked like a year ago

Riley Elizabeth Burke - The Stats  Top of page



RILEY (m,f) "rye clearing" (Old English). A small stream.  From a surname, which was probably derived from a place name.

"Elizabeth" is my Grandmother Burke's middle name - Helen  Elizabeth Burke.  My GrandPa Green gave me my first nickname, "Monkey".  My Dad likes to call me "Bunny" now and then.

Favorite Fruit:  Banana

Favorite drink:  Juice (Apple, White Grape)

Favorite Disney Movie:  The Little Mermaid

Favorite Tex-Mex:  Chicken Quesadillos